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The Books

The Future

The Books

The Revelations series tells the story of "Future History" and how the "END" comes to be. The story follows a motley crew of underground rebels in the last days led by two most unlikely (and reluctant) heroes in Ariel + Zebudah. Through their trials and tribulations they will find that even in the darkest of times there is always a reason for Hope. And only through that hope can they light Earth's darkest hour... but will they be too late?

The books first debuted in 2004 as a Graphic Novel series. It continued through the years as art books, comic books, anthologies, and most recently as novels. Follow the link to see how you can get a copy of our very FIRST title.

The Post / Mid / Pre Apocalyptic dystopian storyline is the backbone of The Revelations series.

The Films

The Future

The Books

There is something truly special about the cinematic experience. Seeing the characters come to life from the written word and jump off of the illustrated pages in the graphic novels and comics is something that we've longed to see for a while now. Film will always have a special place in our hearts and slowly, but surely we are inching our way towards that ultimate goal. 

From day one (way back in 2000) the Revelations Project was meant to be an animated film. The Book Series was always a bridge to get to the the film (fleshing out the story characters and such). Now, the film is right back in the middle of things again... Follow the link to see how it has become the focus once more.

The future of TheRedR is novels, animations, apparel lines (tshirts), feature films, and video games

The Future

The Future

The Future

Whats next? Great question!
Currently, the newest book "The Revelations" is in development, the clothing line is featured on RedBubble (click link), and the groundwork for the animated projects are being laid.

The future is bright and we are well on our way to the next phases. However, we know that Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it built without help.

Many have asked how they could get involved and be a part of this movement, and we are all about that!

If you are interested and would like to know how to be involved and help (in any way) contact us here.

The Story (in 3 sentences)


In the near future, a frail and mutated pair of siblings, are left behind and left for dead. They reluctantly team up to lead a band of orphans, freaks, and outcasts who are targeted by the preeminent world leaders. All war breaks out and they find themselves in a fight for more than just their survival against a clandestine rising power in the East that seeks to rule them all or wipe them out completely in this post-fallout,  mid-apocalyptic, dystopian epic. 


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Jerrell Conner: The Artist / Writer / Creator behind The Revelations series

"The Revelations series is definitely my passion project. Over the course of almost 20 years it (like my life) has gone through more than it's fair share of ups and downs, but through it all it has never gone away. It feels like "the project that will never die"... Regardless of the obstacles it faces, I've learned to leave it in God's hands. He will take care of it... The Future of The Revelations is bright and I'm over-the-moon excited for it!" 

-Jerrell Conner-

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