The Revelations Prolog

A message from one of the characters:

The following is a compilation of letters, notes, articles, and journal entries documenting the most unfortunate events leading to the present "state-of-divide". We begin with a prophetic letter written to the people years before the “Great War”. 

    "I have a vision. It is a frightful vision of the future... a future where our world is almost unrecognizable. I hesitate to share this vision... Partly in fear of being seen a fool, but even worse, in fear that it is true. 

To whom has ears, let them hear. 

In the not too distant future our world suffers in utter turmoil. Darkness covers the face of the once blue planet. A sickness has infected every living inhabitant. Minds have become twisted and hearts have grown dark. Things once condemned as evil are now celebrated. Acts once outlawed have become common place. Therefore wicked men and women have risen to high places and positions of power ruling harshly over both the meek and the weak. Countless suffer with no hope in site. 

But how is this even possible? 

It’s hard to fathom the domino effect of a few key events that have led us here. The evil buried in man’s heart, and what it is capable of is truly a terrifying thing. War is a costly game... a game that rarely has any real winners. So, with a series of unspeakable acts by rulers, powers, and dominions at odds with one another the climate and state of... well, everything really, was vastly changed for ever. There is no reset button for what they have unleashed. Unthinkable new tactics of warfare, crimes on a cellular level; biological and technological “advances” introduced to the masses at the height of the conflict. That, yes, did bring an end to the war, but not in the way that any could have thought or hoped for. Those who survived it are left behind to pick up the pieces lost in the rubble and ash heaps left in the wake of man’s pride and deception. A deceived mind is a dreadfully dangerous thing. 

One characteristic man has been blessed with (or cursed... depending on your point of view) is the ability to adapt. Mankind can get used to almost anything. In general, people left in this new reality have become quite content with this new “norm”. That’s the thing about “unspeakable acts”... you don’t speak of them. And as time passes people learn (or find a need) to bury the pain of the past just to survive another day. Even while engulfed in the dark shroud of the old wars looming above them, as a constant reminder, most have learned to keep their head down and toil away to scrap together some meager form of existence. Few can even recall what life was like before all of this, not to mention the actual acts committed in this twisted unholy war that ignited it all. 

To say this new world was ALL bad would be an overstatement... but not by much. There were a few gems found in the rubble and some silver (chemically enhanced silver) linings in the dark clouds fixed above. For the opportunists; land and power were ripe for the taking. Many regions fell prey to anarchistic rule. Though, nowadays, regimes seem to rise up and topple down almost weekly. There are only a handful of established nations still standing, and the bulk of them are ruled by a new era of dictators (a very vicious and relentless sort). Countries that were once proudly touted as the dominant super powers are now relegated to wastelands and utterly deserted. However, as previously mentioned, the masses adapt and learn to live in this nightmarish reality, and attempt to return to their ways of old. Almost unconscious to the fact that without change they are doomed to repeat the same cycle, if not spiral into something much worse... Some have dubbed this as “The Blindness” or “Voluntary Obliviousness”. 

Oh, I should mention, not ALL are content with the order (or lack thereof) in this new world, nor going through the motions of fending for themselves for the sole purpose of survival. Not everyone will lay down. There are the others who will STAND... there will be a remnant... there is always a remnant. 

-ENTRY #2 

excerpt from “An open letter to the leaders of the ‘free’ world” 

(signed only “Sofia”)

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Signed only "Sofia" this letter was published just a few years before the "Great War" and sets up the events that the characters go through in the Revelations storyline.